A small bird agile in flight spending most of its time on the wing easily recognised by its dark blue back, red throat, pale under parts and long tail streamers. It is a widespread summer visitor to Arran, where it also breeds, before migrating south for the winter. They have excellent manoeuvrability and feed on the wing on airborne insects, using a wide gape of their short powerful bill. They build a nest of mud and plant material against a beam or shelf in buildings or on the ledge of a cliff.

4.5cm x 12cm



Distinctive with its white heart shaped face, buff back and white underparts, it is the most widespread species of owl. They are breeding residents in all areas on Arran with most sightings at dusk. It hunts by silently flying low and slowly over open ground, often hovering, searching for potential prey, usually feeding on rodents, but may also take small mammals, birds and insects. The shallow hollow nest covered in down is usually in a tree or building, but may also be in crevices in rocks and cliffs. 

Size: 6cm x 10cm




The lapwing has a distinctive crest and round wing shape, it is usually found on lowland areas of farmland, but can be found in wading in wetlands. A breeding and winter visitor to Arran, with sightings in the Shiskine Valley, Kilpatrick and Mayish. They prefer to feed nocturnally on moonlit nights on a diet of worms and insects. Their nest is a ground scrape which is defended noisily and aggressively.

Size: 8cm x 10cm



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